About TempPic

Your Friendly Temporary Picture Portal

TempPic is a site run by certain philosophies and principles, and as such this site complies to the following:

  • Advertisement Free
  • Open Standards
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Drag and Drop Capability
  • Supports both IPv4 and IPv6
  • Strong Encryption

Unfortunately, and with many parts of the internet, free services are generally open to abuse, so we have a few policies that help minimize the abuse of this service, namely:

  • The maximum lifetime of any given file is 24 hours
  • The filename gets a unique ID prepended to it, to prevent hackers attempting to plant virusses on common filenames like "me.jpg" or "DSC0001.jpg"

Why is it free?

It's not free - nothing in life is free. At present I (the site owner) am taking the hit for hosting costs, as an alternate to using other paid services. I made this site because I had a need to share my professional photography and filmography with friends and the industry, and other solutions seemed inadequate, inconvenient or too spammy. I extend my site to others for similar reasons.

Contact Information

Contact Information is not available. As a photojournalist I am out on the road and in rural places 90% of my life and don't have access to e-mail everywhere I go.

For more information, check out the F.A.Q.