Frequently Asked Questions

Or, questions that are most likely to be asked.

Do you track me?

We perform no logging of any kind. We also do not track users, use cookies or any other kind of identifying features on this site. We also use no content which is not part of this site, and we have no tracking from advertisers in any way.

Why are some previews missing?

Due to the way browsers and javascript work, pictures are being stored in memory which are used to create the thumbnails for previews. When uploading a large amount of files, this became an issue with browsers running out of memory. If more than 25 images are uploaded, then the remaining previews are not shown.

Can one Search for Images?

No. This service is not a public directory, and as such all files which reside in the data folder can only be accessed by knowing the correct filename.

Are images censored?

No, images are neither censored nor reviewed. We kindly request that people do not upload images which may be offensive to the target audience.

Where do I report abusive images?

As stated in the disclaimer below, we cannot be held responsible for the actions of its users. If you have come across an image which you find abusive, then you could only have received it on one of two ways:

  • From the poster directly, in which case your report should go to his or her ISP.
  • From a forum blog or similar, in which case the report should go to the administrators of said forum or blog

We are not here to police the Internet, nor are we here to filter or censor images. Sufficient care has been taken to ensure that no virusses can be posted on either of our sites, but always take care when opening links from strangers.

Why are the filenames prepended with a hexadecimal value?

There are several reasons for this:

  • To ensure that filenames do not conflict. If users A and B both upload a file named 01.jpg, one may have overwritten another
  • To ensure that hackers cannot overwrite "common named files" with virusses
  • To prevent misuse of this service. We are not here to host website images. If the filenames remained static, then there would be nothing stopping somebody from using a script to upload the same file continuously so that it worked from their website.

I uploaded an image by accident! How do I delete it?

We do not provide deletion links. If you have uploaded an image by accident, simply do not give the link out to anybody. The image will be automatically deleted once it has lived on the server for 24 hours.

Have you blocked access to TOR?

Not any more. People will always find a way around it with Proxies or VPN's, so I've decided not to bother. If this service becomes overloaded and slow as a result, use something else.