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Use of cookies

This service uses no first or third party cookies.

Terms of Service

The terms of service is sinple - do not use this site to share illegal content. This term of service hasn't changed for 10 years, but if it does change, you'll read about it here.

Copyright Claim?

We claim copyright of the site design and its content, but we do not claim copyright of anything that is uploaded to this service. All items uploaded here are deleted after a predetermined period of time, and nothing is kept.

Right to leave

This service has no membership, you cannot join, so therefore you cannnot leave.

Export of Data

If you have uploaded content here, and it is still accessible, you are free to download the images using your standard browser. We do not obfuscate any images, or prevent people from downloading, thus denying your right to export.

Third parties

No third parties has access to this service, and we do not provide any third parties with any information pertaining to this site, including its use thereof.

Government requests

We will comply with any government requests that are presented to us in a legal fashion, but please bear in mind that we choose not to log any activities as a result of the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679. A user's IP address is considered "personal data" and we choose not to process this data - including the logging of it. Users also may upload other data which is personal (for example a picture of themselves) but we do not process this image, access it or keep it after it has expired.

Account Suspension Decisions

Users don't have accounts which could be suspended. We offer no membership.

Civil Action

As stated in the discliamer, this site will not be held responsible for the loss of data as a result of hardware failure or other reasons. It is the users responsibility to keep a backup copy of the data they share, and also to have adequate protection against virusses and other malcious attacks which is completely outside of our control

What happens to your data if we acquired or if shut down the service?

Any data that is still on this service will be deleted in the event that we shut down or sell this service/domain

How long do we keep pivate data?

We do not keep your private data. If you have uploaded something that is private, this is automatically deleted within 24 hours